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  It's better to go away from the situations and words which hurt you,threaten your peace of mind,selfrespect and integrity..just walk away and let karma do the rest.Don't lose yourself in the journey of impressing others .Choose peace and bliss over conflict and distress...!!!!!!!!
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Aesthetically maimed :-(

  Wassupp...!? How're you doing😊 ....Love..... Only magical word that connects two souls internally but eternally. I s there anyone who doesn't fall in love? At the same edge,at some point it feels so terrible when you don't get back the love you give.Remember,that doesn't mean it ended there...! So,it feels sucked when you expect something blissful at the end and that didn't happen,right?Hell yes..!!! It's all about our love for that one person,to whom we've got connected incredibly and eternally.Yes,it feels super cool when everything is on the right track.Whatever you expect it happens,your love(the other person whom you got  connected)understands everything you tell,talks to you so cheerfully and makes everything happen whatever you want and never gives upon you,tolerates all your love and madness all the time,surprises you,and calms down you when you feel annoyed,keeps supporting you,and majorly, completely accepts you though knowing all your flaws and

MisteriouslyStricken :-)

  Hey sweetheart.......!!!!!! WHY ARE YOU STUCK THERE ? Listen..!!! Dont be a sufferer,intstead be a warrior. Instead of valuing and giving support..when you degrade a person with your words and actions,who's really there for you all the time,no matter what..though giving their maximum and completely tolerating all the reckless words of yours,Is that what the person deserves for?No hustle can beat this's all your fortune to have such people in your life with such integrity!!!!! But is it worth to make that person feel suck there itself...?? :-(.Have to be mindful that not all the days and situations will be the same all the time and the time always winds in all the directions.Time decides the things when to happen,but it just takes certain period to happen and must have patience to go through it!!!!! Keep on note,no one behaves the same all the time,they act accordingly to their mood and their priorities.And they come away from you when they get what they want.Rememb

MOM. :-)❤

MOTHER...!! The only word,which has incredible love and affection,the only word which makes one's life complete.There's no world without a mother.Though the entire society stands up against you,the only person who keeps standing with you no matter what,is your mother.Whenever we talk about mother,we end up speaking only a few words,because it's the only sense which can be heartfelt more than a visual.                           Have you ever thought of gifting your mother,the way she gifted you a precious and gratified life? There's nothing in this world you can gift her to mount up the range of sacrifices and the hustle she had gone through,to make you feel gratified every moment.!,rather you can give her a contented atmosphere,by constantly esteeming her with love and care.Sometimes,you may endup fighting with her for no cause and end up in angry with her,you may not talk to her few days,you may not even hold her hand at times,but though you fight with her,you don'


  Aperson who,"Doesn't over-joy on a happy moment, "Doesn't over-sorrow" on a sad situation..have control on ARISHADWARGAS(kaama,krodha,mohalobha,mada,matsarya ):the negative characteristics which prevent human being from attaining the moksha or salvation.  When the Human being has control on the above..then will  also has control on life...which makes the person a perfectbeing.! ( స్థితః ప్రజ్ఞుడు).

MY NOTE: :-)

 People misunderstand you,they pointout you,though there's no involvement of you in doing such mistake,when you don't have such intention of doing such a flawful thing,never bother,even when they hurt you and criticize you about it.Upfront,try to be braver than you were yesterday. And now it's your turn to remain calm..because,karma makes such people dumb at a certain turn.But never judge a situation that you've never been into. Time will show them who you never lose your trueness and faith,be who you are. Just trust the process,accept the situation and move on.It's just a matter of time. TIME HEALS AND ANSWERS EVERYTHING.PATIENCE MATTERS.!

To Be Remembered

SCHOOL: 💝  I still remember the day we yelled at each other on the last day of our school, because we weren't gonna travel together anymore. I still remember the fight and support, scream and happiness we had on each other's shoulders...may be that's the moral strength which made us stronger...we are not falling down,though we are at distance now but still standing firmly and happily!!! I still remember the day we promised each other that we aren't gonna leave each other till our last breathe!!!So now, I soulfully wish for one thing..that we continue our sticky and palatable bond to lastlong as we had sworn each other. Not everything can be captured on camera so as our emotions.Now,our hearts are witnesses for every of our cherishable moments..ri8? Love you to the sky!! And miss you lot.
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