My 2021 Root to Leaf

Hey 2021,

Thankyou for being one of my most memorable years.

Thankyou very much for giving me bunch of life skills,experiences,happy moments,with which I can thoroughly survive my entire life.

It helped me in carving myself both professionally and personally.Though there is a pandemic,which is being faced,it has fulfilled many people's visions and made everyone to be together. It also made me to perceive who are my well wishers and who are not, it unveiled the true faces of people whom I met in this year. I am enough fortunate that I got bounded to all the people, whom I really admire and had rejoicing moments as well. 

Upfront,2021 has introduced me the new faces,in which few among became my bestones,whom I don't want to lose.Though there are some people existing in my life,2021 has brought them up and polished them,in my life and gave the best to me from them.Have you ever wondered how people become so close to you,that you sometimes can't spend your time, without contacting them.?Yes I got such people in my life and happy to announce that those relationships sustain.!! And one of the best parts of 2021 is that I have explored various places,where I met few people for the first time ever and also made a lovable bond.

Thankyou 2021 for placing tons of memories on my back.It also has increased my responsibility of being present in the instance.It made me realise that,Life is not about the future,but being consciously there in the present and giving your best.

Thankyou 2021,for not only driving me physically,but also spiritually.The greatest thing that I've done in 2021 is approaching the holy book "BHAGAVAD GITA", where I truly understood my purpose of living and I can contentedly say that,not even a single day of mine passes on without hearing/reading Gita.Everytime after I read "BHAGAVAD GITA" ,I beleive that spiritual power is such a necessary tool,for mankind to lead a stable life and I pray Lord Krishna that, people must realise the importance of their holy book and get sticked to that to have a serene life.

Not everytime you get the happiness or what you want,it is also sometimes that, though you desperately want something, there's no chance for you even to express what you feel nor fight for that,all you can do is to silently pray by folding your hands,with a hope that atleast this time by next year, everything will be on track.All you have to do is to trust the process that you are into now, accept the situation and move on.Destination will take you to the right place.Nothing is permanent.So consequently, miracles happen.Not at all lose your hope,be hopeful,you'll only get what you deserve.

Thankyou 2021 for making me realise that,not everyone leaves you, though you are not with them.There are some people,who still hold your hand, though you physically left them on the screen.Over the moon,I thank all the people for being there with me all the time, no matter what the moment is.I strongly hope that there are many more moments to explore and to grasp.Hope 2022 gives me what I lost.And so blessed to take all my blissful moments and relationships to 2022 as well!!Cheers to many more happy years.Try to embrace every moment with love.

Ultimately,I wish you a glorious, blissful and thriving year ahead.!!!!