My Diary Snaps Of 2021!!!πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‡

My snaps of sunrises and sunsets from my 2021 travel diaries!!!

I accept that always the unplanned trips are the best.Because,I captured all my shots during such trips.!!Whenever I recap all my nature shots,everytime travelling becomes the 1st thing in my bucket list.And the best part in tarvelling is just having a window seat,having your favourite book in your hand and clicking some random and engrossing sunsets and sunrises.Can you compare the pleasure of watching a dawn or dusk with any other thing??Absolutely not!!!I just love that warmthness,whenever I embrace the sunrays.Not everytime you watch neither the same sunsire or sunset nor at the same spot.It's just an usual thing everytime you watch dawn or dusk.It's not the case I just stand and capture the shots,I sometimes randomly capture while moving also.Those snaps just take away all my tiredsomeness and TBH I'm never tired of capturing such ideal shots.And I haven't even thought that,those random shots would turn out the best.!!!πŸ’žAt the same edge,they also teach something,whenever I try to capture them,which I can correlate to my practical life.!! 

-As I  also capture while moving,it just tells that nothing in your life neither stucks nor terminates,everything goes on irrespective of the instance.

-Whenver you try to capture,it is not ensured that,you will get the shot the same.There may be some little changes,the shot you got worse earlier,you may get it good this time.It just says that not everything is pre-planned.It totally depends on how good you try at something.

-The more you try different view points,the more and distinct shots you get,which correlates that,not everyone has the same view on a particular thing.Everyone has different opinions on different things.

-In the morning,we say it the dawn,where the day starts,the light enters.And in the evening we say it the dusk,where the light of the day ends.So,it implies that nothing is permanent.Neither the sorrow nor joyfulness remains ever.Everythimg chnages and that change leads to a new beginning.

                             Try to enjoy the mesmerising sunrises and sunsets during your travel,which makes your journey most beautiful and serene.Just embrace the cosiness😍🌸

And here are my snaps!!!🀩