To my ideal partner,

This is your partner to be,who's writing all her fantasies that she wants to experience with you in her life.Go through with high attention.I always love and choose to be the most happiest person.Do you know the fact that,the life partner is the one with whom a girl ends her life with?? Not only the boys have all the fantasies.There are some girls who have their own bucket list to do with their dream partner😍.So,here am telling you mine,which I don't want others to know it,but only you!!!!!And here it is....

Let us have the highest togetherness.It's a very humane thing to expect random hugs from our partner,because a hug is just a booster all the time!Don't irritate on my mood swings,handle them with cute kisses and tight hugs.Though I'm not a kid,do hold my hand while crossing the lanes.How can you be without me all the day,when you go to work?Won't I expect a kiss from you?Doesn't that look adorable,when you kiss me with a tight hug,while leaving for work??
I saw people fall in love,less in real life and more in movies and I believe that our's will not turn out like that.Let us together set off to be an ideal pair😊.
Just as the emotions we humans have,the nature also has it's own sensations,showing it in the way of seasons.And which season do you love the most???When it comes to mine,it is the Winter season.Won't the winter nights are damn romantic?

Do hug me tight all the night,because I want to experience the cool and warm together.Let us cuddle all the night🤩🤩🤩.Keep kissing me though I don't look at you.Don't let me go out of you,just secure me in your arms,where I feel most protected.Though I bite you,don't feel any pain,do bite me in return if you want,because those are the romantic love bites.Let us not show our anger on things,rather let's get together and hold each other's hand.Let us just hug each other,when we need to be sorry.I will assure you that,I will always be there with you in cloud9 and in downheartedness as well. When we think that the things will not work anymore,let us give it another chance.And I am telling you that my option for food surpasses everything and I want to have that happiness with you.I feel that proposing love in the middle of the road cute.It just pisses me off ,whenever you leave without talking.Please do not do that.I love to explore the coldest places with you.Let us together travel and explore.When I feel sick,I don't need any doctor's prescription,rather you just be with me and secure me in your arms.I do not want our relationship to be with unsaid goodbyes and loveyous,because,we also need some fights and opposing,I believe those snippets will make our bond concrete.

In this journey,until I connect to you,please do not look up at other girls,be so dedicated only to me.Because,I am a girl with steeping possesiveness.And remember,I will just eat you up,whenever you move close with anyother girl.You cannot bear me,when I see you texting another girl with happiness,So,better not to text nor speak with other girls.
Just be my pretty much the only person that makes me want to get up in the morning.I don't need a coffee in the morning,just have a pleasant talk with me.I promise that whenever you feel tired,I'll just make you feel energetic with my cute talks and random kisses.I know it is a usual thing to get hurt during our rushing schedule.But I am not afraid,I know we will make each other happy as well.Someimes,I make you feel jealous by being with others,because there I get another chance to pamper you more.Remember,even I love to be pampered.🤗You are the only one with whom I will have all the happiness and will cry my heart out.You are my only culprit and only gangbuster🤩🤩🤩.

Remember,I'll be your BFF when it is your birthday,your sibling in having all the mischeivious fights and random sweetest things,your mother who always kept being your backbone,your father,who warns you when you go on the wrong path.I have already planned our wedding,no matter where you are or what you are doing or with whom you are now,I just love you and I strongly pray for great years with you.
I am all yours and I love you!!!!!!!!!!🤩😍❣️❣️❣️

big hugggggggg my platinum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😚😚😚😚💖

With tons of love,
Yours eternal loving partner💞.