Let it go.! :-(

Let everything go,which weighs you down.

Stop overthinking.

Stop skipping your way to attain peace.

Stop your negative self talk.

Stop spreading your negative vibes with people around. 

Stop associating with people,who just know you only when you are with them.

Stop imagining your potential very low.

Stop procrastinating

Stop living someone else's dream.

Stop living someone else's life.

Stop caring all the unauthentic words that were urged upon you!!

Stop comparing youself under the sea level.

Stop procrastination.

Won't you be damn tired to do the things that are imposed by others ??

Start doing whatever makes you happy,it's you who needs to be precise on what you want to have in your life,who needs you and who doesn't.Do not waste your treasure feelings on people who don't care you.Alternately,invest on your golden ones,who are really into you.Try to know people,who are really worthy.Not everyone's intuition is good,some are the living deamons tooπŸ™‚..!!!Don't get shed by the venom of the daemons,try to get soaked in your own mental peace.Make sure that yourself don't regret by living the path you choose.Stop accepting yourself as half-hearted,you were shaped to be the best of you.Be your own kinda best version.

Choose peace and bliss over conflict and distress!!