It's been 20 years ever since I've born!!

How alluring you are!😍😍

Like my heart fills you in my fantasies as you are.!!

Not even a single day of mine passes by!

Without staring you like a fay!!!😚

You crop up as you are so light!!😇

But why do you high in weight?

It seems like you are gloomy..!!😯

Like my heart feels  dreary.😐

You seem to throw a menace.

But then you pause at once.

I speak to you a million words,

my heart has a ton fervour to convey,which never fades !!!💖💞

At one moment,I would hold you,

so badly that I really miss you,after I leave you.!

I love you on rainy and blamy,

And my ardour of staring has no boundary!

You are my eternal friend🤗😊🙌

We will be together till the end!!!⏱🔁❣