Aesthetically maimed :-(


How're you doing😊


Only magical word that connects two souls internally but eternally.

Is there anyone who doesn't fall in love?

At the same edge,at some point it feels so terrible when you don't get back the love you give.Remember,that doesn't mean it ended there...!

So,it feels sucked when you expect something blissful at the end and that didn't happen,right?Hell yes..!!!

It's all about our love for that one person,to whom we've got connected incredibly and eternally.Yes,it feels super cool when everything is on the right track.Whatever you expect it happens,your love(the other person whom you got  connected)understands everything you tell,talks to you so cheerfully and makes everything happen whatever you want and never gives upon you,tolerates all your love and madness all the time,surprises you,and calms down you when you feel annoyed,keeps supporting you,and majorly, completely accepts you though knowing all your flaws and at times it seems to be the reason,that you were onto this earth to have such a great love in your life.And no words aren't enough to express such a colossal emotion.πŸ’ž

Who doesn't want such a soothing love?Who don't want to be in that heaven of love?

Damn yes,it is such a palatable bond,when things happen like this with your love.But what happens when your realtionship of love goes out of the track?What if it finds some another way,other than you?

Damn it,yes it happens with some living souls..!!!!!What to do? How it feels,the people who was yours once upon a time,may not be yours anymore...!!And that thought really kills a person mentally.And yes,all the ways that you are trying to find your love were closed and has vanished everywhere,not even a single thread has left to feel the warmness of your love.What next?

But that emotion of warmness hasn't died within you...!!!!!And you end up waiting for the time to get back to your love.At that pinch,a way to your love opens for you,what will you do now?Within no time,you'll simply grab it and get into it.But what,when your love doesn't want to come along with you?;-(.It happens certainly...And again the story rewinds around you.

Such a huge grief it is..!!!You'll simply falldown there itself,when you remember the thought that you're not gonna get back your love.The love once you gave will definitely comes back to you,but not in the same way you give,may be in other ways too..!!You're definitely gonna feel it.

Dear self,such things happen,people doesn't feel you as their constant like you loved them in your life.But,it's such a blessing if you have such people in your life,don't lose them,they are priceless.At times they don't even address you,they neglect you,they ignore you...but rememer don't give them back the same thing,it's okay to feel them within you,though they  are not with you in reality,it's okay to admire them and the memories you had with your love for your self contentedness.

And when it comes to actuality,be mindful that your thoughts of love shouldn't let you deviate your path of peace and happiness.Upfront of all,your peace matters,not the mess which stops you there itself.Make a note whether it's worthy to keep waiting or to make progress.

You have love,that's okay,leave it to the nature of time,it certainly gives you only what you deserve..!!Don't ruin your peace.

Start growing mentally and professionally.Don't let your pain stop you,let it go.Let your creativity create something exceptional.Life's all about learning lessons and continuing with what you have learned.So,keep yourself blissful all the time and start getting bigger brave and intense mentally and professinally.Carve your own niche!!!!!!!!!

Awake,Allure and keep forwarding!!!!

All you can do now is to firmly pray for what you want,whatever happens,happens and don't think of the output.If something is yours,it'll be yours no matter what.So,just don't stick to what's not there in your hands and try to keep shaping what's there with you and be hopeful,miracles happen!!!!!!!!

Keep loving and be compassionate,it makes you graceful and elegant :-)