MisteriouslyStricken :-)

 Hey sweetheart.......!!!!!!


Listen..!!!Dont be a sufferer,intstead be a warrior.

Instead of valuing and giving support..when you degrade a person with your words and actions,who's really there for you all the time,no matter what..though giving their maximum and completely tolerating all the reckless words of yours,Is that what the person deserves for?No hustle can beat this sphere..it's all your fortune to have such people in your life with such integrity!!!!! But is it worth to make that person feel suck there itself...?? :-(.Have to be mindful that not all the days and situations will be the same all the time and the time always winds in all the directions.Time decides the things when to happen,but it just takes certain period to happen and must have patience to go through it!!!!!

Keep on note,no one behaves the same all the time,they act accordingly to their mood and their priorities.And they come away from you when they get what they want.Remember,not everyone's intuition is to stay,like as you stayed in their journey,no matter how tough it is.

What the hell fuck they think about you,don't take all those words to your heart.Because,you are the sufferer if it goes wrong..!! Precisely,give your best for the process that you are into now and be transparent to yourself,neither shuddering nor cheating.

Accept the situation,trust the process,believe in yourself and move on,time will give you what you deserve..!

Until then,go through that sweetpain,dear.Yeah,even the bitterness tastes sweet when you love it,trust me😊.