I miss you.! :(

Don't you feel low when you desperately miss someone?

Yes,I do.!!!

If there's something that I can keep with me which lasts forever,I would certainly keep you.😍

I want you to be a forever thing in my life.!!

I miss you baby. :-(

I miss you in my morning text.

I miss that fight with you,whenever you express your possessiveness upon me.

I miss that tight hug,whenever we meet each other.

I miss those random selfies,we used to click whenever we have done some mischievous things.

I miss those random messages we used to text each other,whenever we got busy in days.

I miss all your lectures that you used to give me,whenever I went to a new place.

I miss your attention,that bounds me to you,whenever I spoke with some other guy.

I miss all our video calls that we used to do on the very start of our birthday date.

I miss those healing and soothing words from you,whenever someone threatens me and backstabs me.

I miss those confident and blessing texts from you whenever I initiated something new.

I miss those romantic texts from you whenever you tried to pamper me.

I miss your temperings whenever I reply late to your texts.

I miss you in the places,wherever we used to sit and talk.

I miss you in those love texts wherever I read.

I miss all the blissful time with you.

I miss all the happiness with you.

I miss all the heartaches with you.Yes,I not only love the love you give me,but also that scared feeling you give,that you would leave me,when the thread goes completely out of scope.Because,that makes me move more closer to you to hold you tight and never let go off me.

But do you know what?

Missing you for a while,makes me love you the way more than I usually do!!And I love to show it to you..!!

Baby,I am desperately missing your presence.I am missing you in my heart.My heart is feeling very much empty in your absence.I want all of my things to get done with you.I just want to hug you tight and hear your heart beat sound saying that you love me.Your absence is just making me completely lost myself,though I am being surrounded by lot many people.I do not want to stop making memories with you.Because you promised me,that you would bucket up endless memories in our lives.I want all the things to be re-winded that we love to do when we are together.I want our children to say that their parents have an incredible love story,because our love has no age.All my inevitable love is awaiting you.Sorry,if I have missed any of the moments that would made us together.Please hold my hand tight,I would never let you go off me.
I miss you as much as the distance between the land and the galaxy......!!!!

Can you please come back?Because I miss you and I love you..!!πŸ’žπŸ’ž